So tonight was amazing!! The 2013 Fall Out Boy Australian Tour.

How should I start? Well, amazing! The only person we didn’t take a photo with was Andy, because he’s a slippery sucker, or he had to get upstairs in a hurry… no one knows. 

Stories with photos, going in the order they were taken in. 
1. Dee and Pete; Funny story, we didn’t know what hotel the boys were staying in, but we saw one hotel (not ours) tweeted about Fall Out Boy. We thought about going for a walk to that hotel thinking thats where they were. When we were exiting the elevator we noticed a familiar face, t’was the infamous Pete Wentz, but we didn’t actually realise in time. The most bummed out 5 minutes followed. We went for a smoke, came back to the elevator and guess who walks off THE FAMOUS PETE FUCKING WENTZ!! So this time Dee asked for photos. He, the perfect man he is, agreed. Thus following into the next photo

2. Pete and I… read previous^^^^

3. Dee was sure that she and I were having a fight due to silly reasons while we were waiting in the line for the concert to start (t-minus 3.5 hours to go..) and decided to go for a walk to clear her head. She wasn’t sure where to walk at first so she decided to take the backstreets around the Entertainment Centre. “Hmm, maybe I should go to the bathroom in the library now”, she thought but then changed her mind. “No, no, I will go have a nap in my friends car instead since I am quite tired.” As she turned the street to the Entertainment Centre to get to the car park, she spotted Andy Hurley walking into the backstage door. “No fucking way”. She quickly hurried down the path, missing Andy unfortunately as he already headed inside before she go there, but managed to catch THE Patrick Stump (yes, the lead singer of Fall Out Boy, that one) who had already stopped to take photos with fans. She tried to turn on her phone as quickly as she could, since it was off to save battery for the concert, so she could get a photo with him. He stopped to take the photo but her phone was taking its sweet ass time turning on. “I am so sorry”, Dee repeats to Patrick. He laughs and says it’s okay but looks a bit rushed since he does have to head inside. “How are you anyway? Enjoying Adelaide?” She makes small talk with him until her phone turns on which he waits patiently for. Finally they take the photo, and she thanks him and wishes him a good day while internally screaming because PATRICK STUMP! (written by Dee, because I wasn’t there. Also there was no conflict between us. My hated was directed at another person)

4. PETE TWO! yes this is now the name of this photo. After the concert we rushed back to the hotel (don’t ask, we’re not telling!!) and decided to sit in the lobby, just as I saw Andy, he was getting in the elevator, I swear, the man runs. Pete on the other hand was walking casually, so I (the bogan I am) called out “Hey Pete, can I have a photo” he was all “Yeah sure” so I whipped out my phone and another girl offered to take the photo for us, when I handed her my phone he complimented my nails and was just amazing. 

5. Literally two seconds after ‘PETE TWO’ I slid myself between the security guard (he was looking at Pete, not Joe) and was like “Hey Joe, can I get a quick picture” and he was like “Sure, but it has to be quick, I have to get upstairs to my pregnant wife”, we giggled for a moment, and BAM up flew my phone and he was like “Lets do this”, took the photo and I thanked him, he then slid into the elevator (making me the only person to get a photo)

6. A lot of other girls were getting photos done with him, so I just kind of slid in there and left. Not much conversing happened, I don’t even I think I asked for the photo. 


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